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Rev.Canon Ivan and Ouida Corea of Sri Lanka
Canon Ivan and Ouida Corea
From the Pen of Canon Ivan Corea
Jesus Christ
A Beloved Priest of St.Luke's Church Borella
Canon Corea Vicar of St.Paul's Milagiriya
Canon Ivan and Ouida Corea
Ministering to the Rodiya Community
Church of Ceylon
Christianity in Sri Lanka
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A History of the Diocese of Colombo (The Centenary Volume) edited by Father Lorenz Beven, Archdeacon Emeritus and written in in 1946 mentions Reverend Ivan Corea and Mrs Ouida Corea.
'In a letter to the Rev.Ivan Corea, dated November 7th, 1932, the Secretary of the London Missionary Society says that the projected mission of the first Protestants to start work in the East was full of promise....'
'The writer wishes to make no invidious distinctions between G.B.Ekanayake's old pupils, all of whom are working wholeheartedly for the Diocease in their respective spheres of labour, but he has perforce to take notice of the names of at least four men who not only distinguished themselves in Theology, but also had the privilege of assisting their teacher in later years as Lecturers in the Divinity School. They are, the late Canon James Weerasingha, B.D.(Lond), The Rev. H.E.C.Mendis, M.A.(Cantab), the Rev. D.A.Karunaratne, M.A.(Oxon), and the Rev.H.V.Ivan.S.Corea, B.A., B.D.(Lond).
The last name has lately been honoured by the present Bishop by being called to the office and dignity of an Examining Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Colombo....'
The 'History of the Diocese of Colombo' also writes about Vernon's mother, Mrs. Ouida Corea:
'When the Jubilee (of the Church of St.Philip) Mission (in Kurana) approached, it was decided to build a Mission House in memory of the Rev. Thomas Christian. A fancy bazaar, organised by Mrs. Ivan Corea, wife of the curate of the Parish, was a splendid success, and the foundation stone for a Vicarage was laid by Bishop Mark Carpenter-Garnier in the presence of a large gathering. In 1931 the Jubilee was celebrated in a fitting manner in a great procession of witness around the village....'
Canon Corea started his Christian Ministry as a Curate at a Church in Kurana in Katunayake on the West Coast of Sri Lanka.
Ivan and Ouida Corea had two sons -Vernon and Ernest, were born in the vicarage in Kurana, Katunayake. They say the vicarage is still in existence in Kurana.
Canon Ivan Corea was Vicar of St.Luke's Church Borella and St.Paul's Milagiriya.